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Defining a community based on its geographic borders can be limiting.  At Gorilla Management, we see beyond those borders and use local resources to improve social and economic conditions in a sustainable way.   By taking a community-centred approach, the Gorilla Team is able to foster the economic, social, ecological and cultural well-being of a community.

Business Improvement Areas

Working with BIAs towards civic improvement is a genuine passion of ours. We love the challenge of revitalizing business districts, helping commercial areas thriving, and creating a strong and distinct image for your neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Beautification & Enhancement

Interested in improving your neighbourhood? We are dedicated to helping rejuvenate your neighbourhood for your family, neighbours, and friends.  Contact the Gorilla team to create fun, beautiful, and interesting outdoor spaces and streets in your area.

Neighbourhood Branding

Your neighbourhood is a large part of your identity, but shouldn’t it have its own identity too? Whether it’s your favourite date-night restaurant, the park you take your kids to, or the venue your high school prom was held at. Your neighbourhood has so much to offer.  Let us help brand and promote your neighbourhood.  It deserves to be seen and experienced!

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